Choosing a Deep Cleaner

No manufacturer of home deep cleaning machines is more experienced in the deep cleaning category than BISSELL. In all modesty, we pioneered the category. BISSELL Deep Cleaning machines are recognized as the high-quality standard of the industry with durability and reliability engineered into each unit, every step of the way. Here you will find more information about how to choose the correct BISSELL Deep Cleaners for your needs.


What is the advantage of deep cleaning with heat?


The BISSELL ProHeat® and ProHeat 2X® series feature built-in heaters that heat hot tap water up to 25 degrees hotter for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

How powerful is a BISSELL Deep Cleaning machine?


For the most part, our machines are 1 h.p. and 12 amps. However, the cleaning and suction power is not directly related to horsepower or amp rating. BISSELL Deep Cleaning machines are so effective -- so powerful -- because of the design of our unique patented nozzle head and intake system.

How large an area will a machine handle?


When using our full size upright deep cleaning machines (such as ProHeat 2X® Select), typically a 10' x 12' room can be cleaned before the dirty water tank needs to be emptied and new cleaning formula and fresh water need to be added.

With our smaller upright deep cleaning machines (such as QuickSteamer®), typically an 8' x 8' area can be cleaned before the dirty water tank needs to be emptied and new cleaning formula and fresh water need to be added.

These amounts will vary based on how much water/solution you are releasing onto your cleaning surface. 

Are all deep cleaners properly equipped to clean an entire home?


No. Some deep cleaners, such as the QuickSteamer® or SpotBot® are better suited to cleaning everyday messes such as spills, spots and small areas. When purchasing a deep cleaner to clean your entire home, it would be better to choose a full size deep cleaner, such as the ProHeat 2X® Select.

I have a few small areas that need cleaning. What would you recommend?


For quick cleanup of spots, spills and small areas, BISSELL recommends the BISSELL SpotBot® or Little Green®. The compact, streamline design of these products provide continuous, portable deep cleaning power for a variety of cleanups. They effectively deep clean spots, spills, high traffic and small areas including stairs, upholstery and auto interiors. The high-pressure spray loosens deep down dirt and the built-in brush scrubs spots and stains. Powerful suction lifts dirt & moisture to complete the cleaning task. The SpotBot® is unique in that it lets you do all of this without doing the work. You simply set it on the spot, hit Start and walk away - the machine does the work for you.