Hard Floors 101

General Hard Floor Tips

Hard floors are becoming more popular as people are starting to focus on a healthy home. Keep reading to find out how to care for your hard floors properly.




Doormats should be placed at every entrance of your home. This will keep sand, grit and dirt from being tracked into the home. These are very abrasive materials, and can scratch and ruin hard floor surfaces.

Once a Week


Clean your hard floors at least once a week using a sweeper, a dust/dry mop, or a hard floor cleaner and wood floor cleaner. By sticking to this routine, abrasive materials will not be able to collect on the surface, and your floors should keep a shine much longer.



One of the major benefits of hard floors is allergens do not get trapped as they do in carpet. Cleaning hard floors regularly will lead to a healthier home.



When spills occur, clean them up immediately. This will keep substances from staining the floor or grout, and will save you the trouble of having to remove a stain from your floor later on. Clean spills on hard floors using a damp towel and warm water, or if necessary a cleaning solution made specifically for your type of floor. Never use abrasive cleaners on your hard floor.



Avoid dragging heavy furniture across your hard floor as this can cause scratches. If you can’t elevate the entire piece of furniture, use a soft glide underneath the furniture to allow it to move easier.



Place a rug in front of a sink in rooms that have hard floors. Hard floors can become very slippery when they are wet, and a rug will keep water from forming a puddle on the floor.