Hard Floors 101

Linoleum Floor Tips

Bare floors made of linoleum or vinyl are considered to be the most practical bare floor in a home with small children. As young ones tend to fall often and drop breakable objects, a vinyl floor tends to be more forgiving than wood or tile. The ease of cleaning spills on a vinyl floor also makes this a very appealing floor covering. Keep reading to find out how to care for your tile floors properly.

Beyond vacuuming


Beyond vacuuming/dusting your vinyl floor once a week, you should also wash your floor once a month using a a hard floor cleaner specifically made for vinyl floors. Polish can be used to restore the shine of your vinyl or linoleum floor, but be sure to use a polish recommended for your floor type.



Spills should never be left on vinyl floors, but should be cleaned-up immediately to avoid staining. If necessary, clean the area with warm (not hot) water and ammonia.