Hard Floors 101

Tile Floor Tips

Tile floors have often been described as “bullet proof” because of their ability to withstand the harshest of treatment. With a simple cleaning routine, your tile floor can look brand new for a very long time. Keep reading to find out how to care for your tile floors properly.

Regular Basis


Tile floors should be washed on a regular basis using a detergent solution recommended for cleaning tile floors. This should be followed with a rinsing of the floor with warm water to avoid detergent build-up. Never use an ammonia-based cleaner on a tile floor.



Common spills can usually be cleaned using an all-purpose detergent hard floor cleaner.

Grout Sealer


A grout sealer (non-epoxy) should also be applied twice a year to protect the grout from staining. Please note that tile floors should never be waxed.