Vacuuming 101

Vacuum Care

Taking good care of your vacuum can help to extend its efficacy and life. Check out the tips below.

When do I replace my vacuum bag?


It is best to check the dirt level in the bag before each use. For best cleaning performance, it is recommended that you change your bag when it is 1/2 to 2/3 full. When accumulated, small dust particles can keep the air from circulating, which can reduce the suction in your vacuum. You may need to change your bag more frequently when vacuuming drywall dust, pet hair, other fine particles or new carpet. Some bagged units also offer a check bag indicator to make it easier for you to know when to change the bag.

When do I replace the belt or the filter for my vacuum?


If the vacuum is not cleaning as well as it had before or the brush roll has stopped turning, you may have to change the belt. To change the belt, please refer to your models user guide for installation instructions.

With bagless vacuums, having clean filters is critical to maintain cleaning performance. Over time, filters can become dirty and eventually clog. A dirty or worn filter can diminish the cleaning performance of your vacuum, so it is important to regularly clean and monitor them.

What should I do if the vacuum is not picking up debris?


First, turn off and unplug your vacuum. Give the vacuum a good once over. Check to see if the belt is worn, broke or missing. If the vacuum has a bag, check to see if it is full. For bagless units, make sure the filters are clean. Also, check all the hoses and airflow areas to ensure they are free from, cracks, debris and clogs.

If you are still having a problem, be sure to reference your models user guide for handy troubleshooting tips. Other possible causes include incorrect height adjustment setting, hose not attached to suction opening, twist and snap hose not securely attached, rotating floor brush bristles are worn or jammed, clog in vacuum, dirt container is full or not installed properly, or louvers are missing or installed incorrectly.

If you are having problems with your BISSELL vacuum, please contact the Customer Support department.