Vacuuming 101

How Are Vacuums Developed?

Wondering what happens before your vacuum arrived on the store shelf? Read on.

How are ideas for new vacuums born?


BISSELL vacuums are designed with your needs in mind. By listening to you, the consumer, we have developed a full line of vacuums to help make cleaning your home easier.

Part of BISSELL's core belief and goal is to start with The Consumer to develop and market Life Inspired Cleaning Innovations™. This means that our products are designed and developed to meet consumers' real-life needs.

In order to understand these needs, our Market Research Group conducts a variety of research studies. We talk to consumers and gather information in many ways. For example, we will go into consumers' homes to watch them as they clean, giving us the opportunity to observe product/brand usage and behavior as they are used in real life environments. This helps us to identify possible improvements that could be made to existing products as well as discover new product ideas to meet unmet needs.

How are vacuums tested?


During the design and development process, BISSELL products are evaluated according to a comprehensive test process employing over 150 specific tests! This broad test approach assesses each design in terms of product safety, durability, reliability, and performance, leaving no stone unturned. No product is deemed ready for production and consumer purchase until it passes stringent design requirements established by marketing and engineering that ensures total user satisfaction.

Many of the product tests that BISSELL performs are based on extensive experience gleaned from over 128 years of floor care experience; experience that is unmatched by our competitors. BISSELL also performs and complies with all of the industry standard tests that are recommended by UL, CSA, ASTM, ANSI, and IEC. Our test requirements typically exceed the industry standards to ensure our products are extremely safe and high performing as we strive to be our customers first choice for cleaning products.

We are certain that when you purchase a BISSELL product, you will experience many years of happy, satisfied performance!