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My vacuum is not suctioning properly. What should I check?


If your Healthy Home Vacuum™ has no or low suction, please turn off the machine and unplug it, prior to checking the following. - Ensure the dirt cup is empty. - Check the pre-motor and Airetight™ HEPA filters for debris. Dirty filters can restrict airflow. The pre-motor filter is located underneath the canister of the vacuum in the pull out tray labeled "filter". This may be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Reinstall this filter when it is completely dry. The Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge needs to be replaced and cannot be washed. This is located on the side of the machine inside the filter grill. - Check for suction at the end of the upholstery hose. If the suction is good, continue to check the following: - Make sure the hose is firmly seated into the hose base of the vacuum. - Make sure the brush is turning. - Check to ensure the lower hose is not clogged. If the suction is NOT good at the end of the hose, check for suction at the base of the machine with the canister removed. If the suction at the base is good, inspect the hose for cracks or holes and ensure the hose is not clogged. If there is not good suction at the base of the machine, please contact BISSELL Consumer Services at 03-963-3030, A representative will assist you.

CLEARING CLOGS DIRT CUP AREA - Empty the dirt cup. Remove the lower portion of the cup and clean the screen and check the center tubes for dirt accumulation. - Check the dirt inlet. This is the opening located behind the canister and is only visible once the canister is taken off the machine. UPPER HOSE - Detach the hose from the machine by twisting the hose collar counterclockwise. Push a broomstick into the hose to push any obstruction to the end of the hose where it can be removed. - Check the clear diverter area at the back of the machine. When the hose wand is removed from the base, the diverter should be in the up position. If a clog is visible near the diverter, remove the divertor cover by removing 7 screws and clear the obstruction. NOTE: Be careful not to dislodge the gasket. LOWER HOSE - Recline the machine back and roll it over so the backside is facing up. Remove the bottom 4 screws from the diverter cover to loosen, and straighten the foot hose. Look through the hose for obstructions. Push a broomstick through the lower hose to unclog this. (Any obstruction should exit through the suction path at the brush roller). If you continue to experience difficulty with the suction power of your machine, please contact BISSELL Consumer Services at 03-963-3030, A representative will assist you.