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Where are the filters located and how often do I check them?


The BISSELL Healthy Home Vacuum™ has two filters. The pre-motor filter is square and located below the dirt cup in the front of the machine in a pull out tray labeled "Filter". The Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge is rectangular and located on the side of the machine underneath the filter grill. It is recommended to check the pre-motor filter monthly and wash as needed to maintain performance. To remove the pre-motor filter, gently pull the filter tray out and lift filter from tray. This black foam filter is washable with mild detergent and water. Wring excess water from the filter and ensure it is completely air dried prior to re-installing in the tray. The Airetight™HEPA filter is not washable. It is recommended to replace this every six months or if suction is declining. This will also be determined by individual vacuuming habits and types of debris picked up. To remove the Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge, push down on the filter door latch and pull the door away from the cleaner. Lift the tab at the top of the Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge and pull the cartridge away from the cleaner. Replace the Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge with a new one. NOTE: To avoid damaging the Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge and reducing its filtration capabilities, be careful not to touch the filter material. The Airetight™ HEPA filter cartridge is not washable.