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My sweeper battery is not lasting as long as it use to. What should I check?


When fully charged, the Perfect Sweep Turbo provides up to 60 minutes of full cleaning power. When charging for the first time, allow it to charge uninterrupted for at least 16 hours. Once the battery has completely run down, recharge for 12 hours to renew the battery. It is important the Power Switch is OFF when charging. Decreased operating time may indicate the battery has built up a charging resistance. To recharge, first completely exhaust the battery, recharge it, then exhaust it again before recharging a second time. This procedure may be required more than once. When the charging is complete, unplug the sweeper from the charger. If you continue to experience a problem with the charge of this machine, please call Consumer Services at 03-963-3030, A representative will assist you.