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My Flip-It Does not spray for wet cleaning. How can I correct this?

  • Check for liquid in the clean water tank, and ensure the tank is inserted properly by removing and re-inserting it. (You should be able to feel it “catch” or “snap” into place.)
  • Check the valve on the bottom of the clean water tank to make sure water will come through when the “X” valve is depressed. If not, clean the cap and insert with warm tap water and a soft bristled brush.
  • Check for proper handle installation. Improper handle assembly can result in failure of the machine to spray. Remove and reattach the handle, making sure it is pushed down all the way and the screw is inserted straight.

If there is still no spray, please contact an Authorized Service Center for additional assistance. You can locate a Service Center by calling 03-963-3030, .