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My Flip-It is leaking. How may I correct this?


Check to see if the clean tank leaks when removed from the machine. If it does: Remove Black Cap & Valve re-attach. Make sure it is screwed on tightly and is straight. Check tank for any cracks. Check the circular “umbrella” gasket in the center of the tank on the bottom (below the Formula Fill Line). This gasket should be circular in shape. If it is not, the gasket may be warped. ***Please Note: Using vinegar in the clean tank is not recommended and may damage the tank or gaskets. If the tank does not leak when removed from the machine: Unscrew the cap on the clean solution tank and make sure the small black rubber gasket on the end of the tank insert is present. The small rubber gasket fits over the white “x” shaped piece. If this gasket is missing, the machine will leak water as soon as the tank is installed. If the gasket is missing, please contact Consumer Services at 03-963-3030, If gasket is intact and the machine is still leaking please contact a local Authorized Service Center for additional assistance. You can locate a Service Center by calling 03-963-3030, .