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CleanView® Pet Ultimate

Great for homes with pets!

  • Pet TurboEraser®Tool is great for cleaning stairs, upholstery and pet beds.
Pet Hair Eraser® Vacuum

Specialized features to erase the pet hair in your home

  • Includes Pet Hair Lifter and Pet Contour Tool®
  • Full set of multi-use tools – plus the Pet TurboEraser®Tool
  • 7 surface height settings
CleanView® Pet

Bagless technology provides high suction power

  • TurboBrush™ Tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery, pet beds and more.
CleanView™ Compact Pet Bagless Vacuum

Dual Cyclonic Separation for powerful suction and better dirt pick-up!

  • Pet hair lifter feature grabs pet hair while you vacuum
PowerForce Bagless Turbo

A powerful bagless vacuum with convenient tools at an affordable price

  • Includes TurboBrush® Tool
  • Long power cord
  • 5 surface height settings